Friday, July 15, 2005

interesting stuff

today was actually really interesting. most of the day was philosophical debates and i'm into that kinda stuff. a lot better than getting talked at... anyway we discussed if a computer can ever think. chinese room problem, pros and cons. all and all it was fun.

then later we did another philosophical debate about what makes a human human. pretty confusing and controversial stuff, but really interesting and fun to discuss. like what would make a machine a human? are humans themselves just complex machines?? and spontaneous thought...

well surf camp is officially gone tonight. hopefully there is another one after them... o but like a sister camp, academic services, invited us to a banging party tonight. there's like 300 of em and they paid for everything. we're just jumping on their bandwagon. well hopefully it will be fun, meet some cool ppl. it will be a nice break from the otherwise hectic schedule.

well that's the update.

song of the day: my chemical romance - helena


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