Wednesday, July 20, 2005

little late...

well today's wednesday so i guess i should update...

started out with another talk about google and the computational power it needed. we discussed a bunch of sorting algorithms and acted em out in person which was cool. it got us all involved and interested, and i learned some things that i didn't know before. sorry don't really remember much else about this day... :( it was a monday and i try and forget those...

started out with another discovery lecture, but we had to walk even farther to get to this one.... anyway it was about bioinformatics, interesting stuff if you're into that kinda thing. anyway lots of videos of soccer playing robots and robots actually learning from experience. it was a bit uneasy and cool at the same time to think that robots can learn without instruction. it almost makes them more alive.

then after lunch we had free time on the computers for like 2 hours. almost beat forrest gump in table tennis.... well after that we went to the sdsc (san diego supercomputer center). it was cool in essence, but still boring. i mean we just kinda walked around a bunch of big machines and they just told us facts about them. it would have been a lot more interesting if they showed it doing something in real time, then we could actually see the speed and capability of the machines.

finally today:
started out this morning with a run, got me ready for the day... anyway first thing this morning was a lecture from a professor at ucsd who teaches a class of computer programming. we learned about the gaming industry, hardware, and software that goes into it all. and also what makes games timeless and what makes games fun. we talked about the programming aspect, graphic aspect, and networking aspect. it gave me a better picture of what this big platform games have to deal with to make a good game, such as halo 2. i cant even begin to think about how much work they put into that game...

well i'm not really sure about what comes next today, but hopefully it's not just getting talked to and we get to do some hands on stuff, that's always fun.

i'm out.

song of the day: dashboard confessional - hands down

Friday, July 15, 2005

these are my bros chillin while i was in the er...

interesting stuff

today was actually really interesting. most of the day was philosophical debates and i'm into that kinda stuff. a lot better than getting talked at... anyway we discussed if a computer can ever think. chinese room problem, pros and cons. all and all it was fun.

then later we did another philosophical debate about what makes a human human. pretty confusing and controversial stuff, but really interesting and fun to discuss. like what would make a machine a human? are humans themselves just complex machines?? and spontaneous thought...

well surf camp is officially gone tonight. hopefully there is another one after them... o but like a sister camp, academic services, invited us to a banging party tonight. there's like 300 of em and they paid for everything. we're just jumping on their bandwagon. well hopefully it will be fun, meet some cool ppl. it will be a nice break from the otherwise hectic schedule.

well that's the update.

song of the day: my chemical romance - helena

Thursday, July 14, 2005

ok ok ok

well my last post was my first, didn't really know what to write. anyway i was still a little mad about getting talked to numerous times for what i feel was essentially not my fault.

highlight of yesterday was the hospital...

yep fell on my broken collar bone while playing capture the flag. i tried to convince myself that i was fine, but my bro art had my back and made sure that i made it to the hospital. well got x-rays and turns out it's not that bad, just swollen again. i guess i'm in the sling again...

um i'm a couple days late for this but i think this was yesterday... so it was our first real full day and we got a taste of college i guess. started out the day with a 3 hour lecture on the future of computation power of dram chips. stuff about how small could we possibly make circuitboards, right now they're smaller than visible light, can we get them down to single atoms? anyway that was a little too long for me to handle.
lunch was the same.
then we had a pretty good lecture on AI. very informative and interesting. we talked about the future of computer intelligence and if it will ever be possible for a computer to be as smart as a human.
all in all it was a pretty advanced day.

i'm getting my days mixed up but these happened sometime:
o but then we had this library tour instead of free time... not cool...
then poker and chill time. hung out a lot with sarah and elisha. fun stuff.
o ya there was a toga party some time before that...
we also had some time management course... pretty tedious. again just chilled with art, elisha, and sarah.

well that's my update. i guess the guys here read the posts we write, cuz after our first day, yongwha and i wrote some 'questionable' stuff i guess. but ya they keep reiterating the fact that anyone can read this and we should really pay attention to what we say. i knew that. but outta respect, editted my first post. usually what i say is what i mean, i'm pretty open about my true feelings.


song of the day: jay-z and linkin park - numb/encore

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

third day...

finally got into my blogger thing. not really sure what this thing is all about. keeping a daily journal of everything we do the day? i mean what's that about? anyway let's see my basic schedule for today...

...wake up...

anyway that's my day so far and if you're still reading this, wow. but ya me and arturo and jorge and jackson are chilling later watching old school. so that's the highlight of my day.

pce up a-town down

song of the day: coldplay - clocks